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The Data Science Board of America (DSciBA) is a leading organization dedicated to empowering both aspiring and experienced data professionals. We achieve this by providing a comprehensive certification program that validates your skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving field of data science.

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The DSciBA is devoted to: Elevating the standard of data science through rigorous and professionally relevant certifications. Empowering individuals to excel in their data science ventures by validating their expertise. Propagating supreme standards and developing a community of extremely competent data science professionals.

The DSciBA Mission & Vision

The Data Science Board of America (DSciBA) is committed to shaping the future of the data science workforce by designing and developing cutting-edge data science certification programs. These programs are created for ambitious and high-achieving data science professionals who are eager to stay ahead of the curve.

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In the wake of the 2020s, the data science community has recognized the critical need for continuous learning. The flourishing EdTech industry underscores this point: to thrive in today's data-driven landscape, professionals must actively cultivate the right skills.

The DSciBA certification programs hold global recognition in over 100 countries. Our commitment to flexibility embodies the 'anywhere, anytime' philosophy, allowing you to take your certification exams at your convenience, from anywhere in the world.

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